What to Expect

What Should I Expect?

A challenging and individualized hour-long workout appropriate for any fitness level from the novice to the elite athlete.

What Do I Need to Bring?

5 or 8 lb neoprene-wrapped dumbbells, Yoga mat, water and snacks for your kids!

Where and When Are Classes?

Classes are held Monday-Friday. Please click on the calendar for time and start locations.

What Kind of Stroller Do I Need?

Jogging strollers are preferred but the stroller is not the focus of the class. You will use it to get from place to place but all parks have paved trails so an umbrella stroller is functional.

What Do the Kids Do?

Depending on their age, they sleep in the stroller, play on a picnic blanket or can be used as a weight for the exercises. Typically the older children play near the group and they are always encouraged to join!

Try a class for free

Let us know which park you want to attend.