Jax Stroller StrengthTM lets moms workout with their kids and gives them a chance to connect with other mothers. Bootcamp style classes are offered every day of the week at the beaches and/or at the Mandarin location.

All classes are catered to the individual so everyone is welcome including expectant moms! These woman do more than just sweat together, they play together! There are special events like mom’s night out and yoga on the beach, some have even been seen flying on a trapeze or trying Stand Up Paddleboarding together.

Jax Stroller Strength understands that you just had a baby, are trying to adjust your life to another, have never been a runner, did or didn’t workout during your pregnancy and we want you just the way you are! The hardest part about our class is getting here.

Jax Stroller Strength is more than just an exercise class. It is a community of mothers who support and encourage each other through the most precious (and trying) time of life as parents. Try a FREE class and be a part of the passion, the fun and the family that is Jax Stroller Strength.

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