Fall Fitness Mini-Challenge is in Full Swing!

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Over 70 women stepped up to the first ever Mini Challenge!! During the four week challenge, these M.O.M.S. are focusing on one goal to accomplish. In addition to their goal, they are learning about clean eating and the benefits of food logging. The challenge kicked off with testing on October 21st. Every participant ran a mile, a pull up hang, did as many burpees as they could in a minute and wall-sat and planked until failure. Teams were decked out in their colors and cheers could be heard around the whole park. No matter what their numbers, M.O.M.S. were motivated about how much they wanted to improve by the end.
The first week, the challengers focused on how to eat clean from the importance of planning to recipe sharing. Dana Canto, Christie Elflein and Mary-Lauren Eubank hosted the second annual CE Progressive Dinner. Clean eats were sampled as the ladies moved from one house to the next. It was a beautiful night to try new food and get to know each other. The Mini Challenge is full steam ahead with a focus on family, tender loving care and events like the Trigger Point Clinic and a prediction run. Finally testing will be here before we know it!

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